Musific is a start-up offering services for artists, venues, and professional intermediaries in the live music industry. Our goal is to drive efficiencies, increase profits for all parties involved in the live music industry, and consequently enable more performances better staged for wider audiences. We offer a live service which is publically available.

Our initial tools are bookings between venues, artists and management. Both artists and venues are able to book performances and use interactive itineraries (and in the future sell merchandise and tickets through our solution). We invite you to provide feedback to us with regards to what you would like to see as the next feature to be launched.

We have a strong management and development team with the right mix of competencies.

Company values

  • We are passionate about the Live Music Industry
  • We operate within strict legal and ethical guidelines
  • We are socially responsible
  • We care for our employees and team members
  • We look after our shareholders' interests
  • We build long term relationships with all groups of users and customers


Musific is currently not in the need of investments. However, we are always interested in dialogue with industrial players or VC partners or partial ownership is the topic. Interested parties are requested to contact: Knut Rodum.

The core team counts 10 professionals who cover areas such as contact with the industry, governmental bodies and institutions, IT infrastructure and strategy, programming and development, sales, marketing and commercial.