What are Musific's services?
Musific is a comprehensive tool set for live music professionals. Presently we are in the early stages of a soft launch with basic functionality.
The services - the tool set as such - comprise extended functionality that will be provided with the consecutive releases this year. They address the central communication and organizational issues related to the trade. The services are for performers and promoters and live performance venues, and their handling of mutual business relationships, and those they make with others involved in staging live music. There is an internal messaging system, and there are features for collaboration, and for negotiations, and for formalizing agreements.
Exposure, attention and involvement are the challenges of the networked economy, for all involved in the live music business. The Musific services provide tools for these challenges.
As software development is about a lot of intricate details at a lot of different levels there are always snags and rough edges to be ironed out, that first show up when services are put to the test with real life users. Quality assurance is the name of the game, and for lack of a QA department we vet the services with a selected group of invited professionals. It is for the benefit of users to come that we have the basics and the fundamentals tighten up.
What are the services for?
For short: collaboration, and contract and booking management.
Those that are in direct working relationships with each other in a band, an orchestra, or in a project or whatever, are provided opportunities for structured communications around essential matters. These essentials comprise the individual and grouped calendars, their contracted obligations, and more. In other words, it's a way for everyone to see their individual agenda in context with the group's. Booking and contracts are delegated responsibilities, but the end results show up in the calendars.